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Our motto is: "Learn to be", where we work on nurturing various aspects of culture, education, sports and science through highly qualified teachers, experienced leadership team, stimulating learning environment that is centered around creating a distinct generation of individuals who are creative, intellectually mindful and distinguished ethically and scientifically.
Riyadh Najed School one of the leading international schools

Shift towards E-Learning

Riyadh Najed schools have implemented the E-Learning system (Classera) which allows the teacher to demonstrate his creativity in different ways, help students acquire scientific material from multi-sources and brings the parent closer to the learning environment.


About RNS School

Riyadh Najd Schools: A leading international private educational institution, established in 1995, and approved by the Ministry of Education in all grades from kindergarten to high school with two tracks: (Al-Ahly, American Diploma) and its slogan: (Learn to be). We create a distinct generation of individuals who are creative, and distinguished ethically and scientifically.


To become the country’s leader in developing successful and innovative leaders.

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The curriculum of the Riyadh Najd schools (national and international) is centered around the learner, and works to enhance modern teaching methods to increase the quality of education, and to provide various activities to develop the skill of self-learning among our students, with the independence and freedom of thought.

We create a distinct generation of individuals who are creative, and distinguished ethically and scientifically.


The kindergarten curriculum in Riyadh Najed schools relies on creative learning and developing the skills of the buds with customized educational games and resources that qualify the child psychologically, scientifically and socially.

Riyadh Najed Highlights

Modern technology
to create a generation capable of keeping up with the technological advances.
Attractive school environment
providing an educational learning encouraging environment.
A distinguished administrative and educational Faculty
focused on productive cooperation, outstanding contribution and continuous professional development.
Extra curriculum activities
to help students invent, innovate and develop personal and social skills.
in compliance with international education quality standards; to prepare knowledge pursuing students who are outstanding, educationally, scientifically and technically.
Riyadh Najed School - Riyadh - Saudi Arabia
Working hours 7:00PM till 5:00PM
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